Looking for anything be sure and check with me. I have a lot of inventory and can match most prices. Contact me for what you need.

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Supercross Expert XL

These just came in and this color already sold out at Supercross. Get this one while you can.


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Jr. Cruiser 24 X  1/8-3/8. Supercross Pro LT hubs laced to Velocity rims with SS spokes and Alloy nipples. Light and strong wheelset.


Supercross Ex XL blue.jpg

GT high engagement hubs.

available with or without disc. Rear with disc $200.00, without disc $160.00 and front is $80.00

Wheelset Supercross Velocity jr cru.jpg

Cruiser wheelset 24 X 1.75. Bombshell One80 hubset laced to Alienation Runaway rear and Deviant front with SS spokes and Alloy nipples.


Wheelset Bombshell Alienation cru.jpg

Bombshell Wheelset. Purple One80 hubset laced to Purple Bombshell SL rims with multi colored spokes and purple nipples.


Wheelset Bombshell purple.jpg

20 X 1.75 wheelset. GT high engagement hubset laced to SE rims with SS spokes and Alloy nipples.


Wheelset GT SE.jpg

20 X 1.5 - 1.75 Wheelset. Black Ops cassette hubs laced to Alienation TCS rims. These can be setup as tubeless or with tube.


Wheelset Black Ops Alienation.jpg

Box Three 20 X 1 1/8 Wheelset


Wheelset Box mini2.jpg
Pedals platform.jpg

Several Platform pedals available. With under 13 off clips this year in BMX racing time to get some good platforms. 

email at bikemstr@gmail.com with what you need

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Pedals clip.jpg

Several clip pedals also available. If you want any or looking for others let me know at bikemstr@gmail.com